Health Policy

St. Patrick COVID Health Policy

Officially the position of our Lincoln-area Catholic schools regarding masks is that they are now optional.  Parents are free to make the decision they believe is in the best interest of their children.  Faculty and school staff members are likewise free to determine what is best for themselves.

Close Contact Exposure
A close contact exposure is defined as an unmasked positive individual being within 6 feet of another unmasked individual for a cumulative time of 15 minutes within the last 24 hours.

  • Exposed students who remain symptom free and would like to continue to attend in-person school may continue to attend school as long as they remain symptom free
  • Exposed students may elect to complete an at-home, 10 day isolation from their last day of exposure
  • Exposed students who develop symptoms, must isolate at home until  they can present a negative covid test or doctor note allowing a return to school

Positive Tests
For those who test positive, a 5-day home isolation will be completed with Day 1 being either the first day of symptoms or the date of testing if asymptomatic. A student may return on Day 6 if symptom free and properly wearing a mask for days #6-10.

Changing Circumstances
This plan will be updated as needed based on the health needs of our school community.

COVID Vaccination Policy
The Diocese of Lincoln does not require anyone to receive the COVID vaccination. We understand this is a personal, medical decision. Nor does the diocese require anyone to disclose whether one has received a COVID vaccination.  As in the past, our plans are subject to change based on circumstances as they arise.

COVID Testing Resources – CLICK HERE

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