St. Patrick’s is an academic community committed to God.  Our teachers are accomplished teachers and practicing Christians who teach in their areas of expertise and serve as role models for integrating a life of faith.  Faculty and staff at St. Patrick’s challenge and mentor students through the perspectives of the academic world while inviting you to engage those ideas with your own Christian faith.

Fr. Troy Schweiger

Fr. Samuel Beardslee
Assistant Pastor

Kristine Placek

Dian Densler
School Office

Holly Carlson
Pre School

Brooke Stille

Ashley Hecht
1st Grade

Jessica Cech
2nd Grade

Sarah Swim
3rd Grade
Diane Neujahr
4th Grade

Matt Sestak
5th Grade

Luke Fischer
Jr. High Religion &
Social Studies
Jon Maxwell
Jr. High
Math & English
Lyndsay Hartmann
Jr. High Science & Literature

Ryan Mackling
PE & Computer
8th Math

Molly Cassiday
Music &
Social/Emotional Learning

Sr. Deanna
Library & Tutoring

Sr. Serena Josephine
Early Childhood Para

Chef Aubrey

Chef BJ