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Established in 1916, St. Patrick School (grades PreK-8) has an enrollment of 200 students.  The dedicated staff of 15 includes 2 Marian Sisters.  Children celebrate daily Mass with monthly Confession and Eucharistic adoration.

Our Mission:  The mission of Saint Patrick Catholic School is to form students who possess strong religious values, academic integrity, individual responsibility, and a clear sense of citizenship.

  • To create strong Catholic children who understand their faith and can live it out daily.
  • To impart knowledge, develop understanding, and cultivate an appreciation for the basic academic subjects.
  • To emphasize respect for and recognition of the dignity of all human beings.
  • To assist along the path of the ultimate goal which is salvation of immortal souls and knowledge of their responsibility to God.

St. Pat’s In The News

Teacher brings cultural connections to classroom

Diocesan News (Southern Nebraska Register) - " trip to the Holy Land in the summer of 2018 fulfilled a lifelong dream for Mr. Matthew Sestak, fifth-grade teacher at St. Patrick School in Lincoln.  After receiving a “Picture Bible” as a child, Sestak dreamed of one day traveling to the Holy ...
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Priest finds a way to share his love of woodworking with next generation

LINCOLN (Journal Star) - “I always dreamed of having a woodworking club for junior high kids,” he said. And so, beginning in January, a group of seventh and eighth graders — whose feet dangled from those pews when they were new ...
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St. Patrick Students Hooked on Science through Trout Project

LINCOLN (CDOL) -Seventh grade St. Patrick students led the 4th grade class in the dissection of rainbow trout as an exercise in studying biology and body systems ...
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St. Patrick Catholic School

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