Theology of the Body Seminar

facilitated by Fr. Sean Kilcawley

The Office of Family Life and Evangelization is excited to offer a week long intensive seminar on John Paul II’s catechesis on Human Love in the Divine Plan. With all of the confusion in our society about the Church’s teaching on sex and sexuality, societal questions about gender identity, and distortions stemming from living in an over-sexualized culture, this seminar is offered for anyone seeking to deepen their understand of the human person, love, relationships, gender identity, etc. It is hoped is that this course will bear fruit for couples preparing for engagement or marriage, parents seeking help in passing on Church teaching to their children, and anyone involved in marriage ministries (NFP teachers, FOCUS facilitators, catechists) in order to deepen their own relationship with Christ and build their confidence in addressing difficult issues.  Please click on the link below for more information.

Theology of the body Information

The Catholic Church teaches us that “parents are the principal and first educators of their children” (CCC 1653). We are honored that you have chosen to partner with St. Patrick Catholic School in this profound responsibility. It is a sacred trust and we pledge that we will hold the dignity and well-being of your children in the highest regard.

We are in this adventure together: shaping the hearts and minds of your children to be followers of Jesus Christ “for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Of course, your children are more than the future Church, they are the “young Church.” Yet, a great future lies before them as they encounter Christ and are formed and educated to become the next generation of passionate and committed civic, corporate, and religious leaders. Each of them is uniquely called by God to develop and offer their gifts in the service of the world. This is accomplished by all of us living as good role models, through integration of our faith in all of our classes and activities and by the religious instruction and faith formation education that we provide to our children.

Good Role Models

We must foster in our own lives and the lives of our children a dynamic, faithful, growing, joyful and real relationship with Christ. Our school will only be as effective as our witness is authentic.

In Every Class & Activity

All of us together – parents, priests, administrators, teachers, and our entire community – join in the mission of creating a fun and energetic Catholic school shaped by a vibrant Catholic culture in every class and activity that our children participate in.

In Religious and Faith Formation Instruction

Your children are a gift from God. Our vocation to educate and pass on the faith is a sacred mission, lived out in thousands of daily moments and in our religious instruction. We also take comfort in knowing that we share in the divine work of God, as this is a work of great love.