Dress Code

St. Patrick School Dress Code

Personal appearance affects one’s attitude and behavior. Good grooming exhibited through cleanliness, decency, and neatness indicates self-respect. The learning atmosphere is promoted when students look their best and practice this discipline. We ask parents to ensure that their children are dressed appropriately for school. All clothes must be clean, without tears, holes, tattered, or faded and appropriately sized. The administration reserves the right to make discretionary judgments regarding the appropriateness of student dress.

Detailed dress code is below the visual.  You are welcome to purchase uniforms at any store.  JCPenney, Dennis Uniform, and Old Navy are popular choices.

Relaxed fit trousers
-must be solid color: navy blue or tan
-must have belt loops
-no exterior pockets (cargo pants/ exposed back pockets)
-no stretch pants, leggings without skirt/skort, denim, skinny pants or sweatpants

Shorts/capri pants
-solid colors: navy blue or tan
-must have belt loops
-length should be at most 2” above the knee or longer
-no exterior pockets (cargo shorts/ exposed back pockets)
-no biker shorts, gym shorts, denim shorts, or tight shorts
-shorts may be worn in the fall through Oct. 15th and beginning in the spring on March 15th

-jumpers / skirts must be solid color: navy blue or tan
-length should be at most 2” above the knee or longer
-may be worn year round with the appropriate undergarment:
-if a skort no additional undergarment required during shorts season
-leggings must be worn during the winter season (October 16th – March 14th)
-if an open bottomed jumper/skirt:
-shorts must be worn underneath during shorts season  (season ends Oct. 15th and begins March 15th )
-leggings may be worn underneath year round and must be solid color: navy blue, black, white or gray
-6th – 8th grade girls may wear skirts or skorts in Pius plaid  (ask the school office for purchase info if needed)

-polo shirts are required
-must be solid color: white, forest green or navy
-must have a full collar / may be short or long sleeved
-must be worn tucked in or banded
-St. Patrick school logo on the polo optional
-undershirts (long or short sleeve) should be black, white, or gray only

-may be a cardigan sweater, sweatshirt, or fleece (no hoods)
(solid color: white, forest green, black, gray, or navy blue)
-St. Patrick’s sweatshirt or St. Patrick’s fleece jacket
(purchased from school order: past or present)

Please ensure your child has weather appropriate clothing items.
Coats, hoodies, or other non-uniform sweatshirts are not to be worn to mass or in the classroom.

-small chains with religious medals or crosses are allowed around the neck
-one small religious bracelet or a wristwatch is allowed for boys and girls (could be confiscated if they become a distraction)
-smartwatches are not allowed.
-stud earrings (no dangles or hoops) worn by girls only in the lower lobe of the ear
-facial or other visible body piercings are not allowed.

Makeup/nail polish
-no makeup -no nail polish -no nail designs -no fake nails

-required 3rd-8th grade / must be solid color: black or brown

Boys’ hair

– should be clean, a natural hair color, and neatly kept
-must not fall below the eyebrows, over the top of the ears, or past the top of the collar
-Spiked hair, shaved areas, mohawks, designs, and pony tails/buns are not allowed
-sideburns are not to go below the middle of the ear
-must be clean shaven

Girls’ hair
-hair should be clean, a natural hair color, and neatly kept
-headbands and hair accessories should be simple and not a distraction
-shaved areas are not allowed
-bangs should not be worn past eyebrows

-athletic shoes are required
-socks are required
-all shoes must be laced all the way up and tied properly
-no sandals -no boots
-snow boots are allowed with a change of shoes. If boots are worn to school, shoes need to be changed into before entering the classroom
-socks are to be solid in color; black, white or gray and contain very little brand markings of the same colors

Shamrock Spirit Days:
Shamrock Spirit Days allow students to wear a St. Patrick’s logo t-shirt in lieu of their polo and appropriate full-length blue jeans or uniform bottoms
-Students must wear a St. Patrick logo t-shirt (purchased from ArtFX)
-Spirit days will be announced at school and sent home in the newsletter.
-jeans must be in good condition (no rips or tears); blue in color, no jeggings, leggings or tight pants are allowed